About Us

Chisom The Champ LLC was created to inspire and empower children worldwide to accept and love themselves. Dr. Irene Obika, the visionary of Chisom The Champ, remembers being a youth having low self-esteem and self-worth due to her own insecurities and being bullied. She rarely saw merchandise that she could relate to as a child that helped her improve her self-esteem. Once she had her son Chisom, she made a vow that he would not have those same questions and always have access to children’s products that increase his scholarship, self-esteem and self-acceptance. Chisom the Champ provides edutainment tools that reflect positive images for children.


Providing healthy educational tools that  empowers youth to embrace their identity.

Assisting in Creating Healthy And Magnificent people.


Advocating for Children who are bullied and intimated in society.

Promoting healthy images for diverse groups of Children which lead to increase self esteem.

Exposing children and family to educational and wholesome literature, games and children’s products that promote self-dignity.


To become an international brand synonymous with empowering youth with dignity and self-love.

Hi I’m Chisom!

I want to inspire and empower children like me who are not reflected in mainstream culture and entertainment.

Will you join me in my journey?


Enter into the life of Chisom, a young Nigerian boy, who repeatedly gets bullied for his cultural identity in a Western Society. Read along as he discovers that his strength is actually found in his family upbringing and in embracing his cultural values.

Join the Journey!

The story of Chisom teaches children across the world that self-love is key to overcoming bullies and other interpersonal obstacles experienced in life’s journey.