The Aftermath of School Violence

Vulnerability of Young People

The recent school shooting in Florida is a reminder of how vulnerable young people are even in academic settings. Too often, we are left with questions on why violence keeps rearing its ugly head in our school systems. Many argue the influence of media, peer pressure, and social isolation due to technological advances are some of the reasons young people unleash insurmountable levels of terror. No matter the reason, humanity must realize the importance of the mental disturbances that occur in the aftermath of school violence.

Building Healthy Visual and Mental Images

At Chisom The Champ LLC, we believe in the importance of building healthy visual and mental images for children, which have positive impacts on their overall wellness.

  • In our introductory book, Chisom The Champ LLC, a young Nigerian boy named Chisom finds strength in educating his bully about the importance of diversity.
  • In the subsequent book, Hadara Hijab, Chisom comes to the rescue of his Sudanese classmate Hadara from Islamaphobia and colorism bullying.
  • The ABC’s of Self Esteem Flashcards provide colorful images of diverse children attached to positive words. The aim is to create images in a child’s mind that reflects positivity, self esteem and love.

There are many ways to help hurting children; Chisom The Champ is helping by providing self love and acceptance.

With Love,

Dr. Irene Okoronkwo-Obika

Founder of Chisom The Champ LLC