Book Review: Hadara’s Hijab

Chisom the Champ recently received a raving review of our newest book, Hadara’s Hijab, from

All in all, this is another book to have in your pocket (or on your shelf) to help combat bullying. It deals with it very explicitly and I think we really need resources that do that. Even more, it deals with anti-black and anti-Muslim prejudice and bullying which are issues our kids are seeing all around them. They need honest conversations with the adults in their lives and Hadara’s Hijab gives them an opportunity to face the problem head on and see how it can be dealt with.”

We are excited to see our newest book touch hearts all over the nation and globe. You can read the full article and review by clicking HERE.

Thank you, Elizabeth Wroten of @HomeLibrarian, for your work in educating parents as well as other librarians about the latest in childrens books and materials.

On Your Side,

Dr. Irene Okoronkwo-Obika
Owner & Founder of Triumph Psychiatry Consultants
Author & Founder of Chisom the Champ