Irene’s Story

A Personal Note From the Author & Founder of Chisom the ChampTM:

Twelve years ago, my life was forever changed.
I happen to be one of the residents who decided NOT to evacuate New Orleans, Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Rather, than flee for my life, I chose to stay at my on-campus nursing school apartment to study for a statistics exam that week. Boy was I in for a different type of test!

That week I wrote my will for the first time of my life.
As I stared down at the Superdome in a flooded downtown New Orleans from my 4th-floor apartment window, I cringed. Cringed at the thought of me dying alone in my apartment. Cringed at the thought of my family phoned of my tragic death. I wondered why I had stayed.

It wasn’t until years later that I realized why I stayed.
I stayed to share my platform of survival to the world. I stayed to help that client with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder tackle their raw emotions and assistant in recovery. I stayed so I would be able to help Hurricane Harvey victims regain their lives and dignity through empathetic care.

My story is unique, but it all points back to my purpose.
My pain leads to my purpose. I was bullied relentlessly throughout my school years. I suffered with low self esteeem and self pity. I discovered a way out of the low self esteem and pity. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the self pity reemerged. The feelings of low self esteem trickled back into my life.  I was able to regain my confidence and value through faith, family, and friendships. I became my own friend again. I began to love the person I saw in the mirror. I want all people to love the person that reflects back in the mirror. Say good bye to self loathing lifestyles and hello to love. This is my story. 

Restoring Hope,

Dr. O

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