Raving Review from AtHomeLibrarian.com

Chisom the Champ recently received a raving review from www.athomelibrarian.com:

Where was this book a year ago when I was building the character education collection in the library? This was exactly the kind of book that we needed! It tackles bullying, cultural and self pride, and standing up for yourself and others.

We are so proud that this book continues to touch hearts all over the nation and globe. You can read the full article and review by clicking HERE.

Thank you, Tibby Wroten, founder of @HomeLibrarian for your work in educating parents as well as other librarians about the latest in childrens books and materials.

On Your Side,

Dr. Irene Okoronkwo-Obika
Owner & Founder of Triumph Psychiatry Consultants
Author & Founder of Chisom the Champ